72 Port Rack Mount Termination Fiber Patch Panel : FTM-700

The FTM-700, 72-port rack mount distribution patch panel is capable of terminating up to 72 fibers at once. This fiber enclosure box is made of steel, ensuring the distribution panel’s durability. Additionally, this 72 fiber rack mount has removable connector panels making it extremely easy to gain access from either the front and the back. Finally, this 72 fiber Rack Mount can be customized to meet the specific termination, interconnection, or cross-section requirements you are looking for. Finally, pre-terminated “stub” network cables are provided with the FTM-700, 72-port panel.


  • 4U High
  • Terminate up to 72 Fibers
  • 12 Position Panel
  • “Stub” Cable Option


Download the data sheet below to find out more information about FTM-700.