The FDH-1000 Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) is ideal for integrating lower density applications such as FTTx or other PON applications. Within each cabinet is a fourteen position cassette frame designed for FIBERONE patented U-Series Cassettes.

Designating two cassettes slots for up to 24 feeder/express ports, optical signals may be directed into the FDH-1000 for optical splitter inputs while providing additional capacity for parallel network services or cross connect functionality. Twelve cassettes are designated for 144 port distribution outputs from the FDH-1000 for signals to be sent to customer premise location such as Optical Network Terminals (ONT). Additionally, fiver ruggedized splitter slots provide durable and simple interconnect to for FTTx applications.

Constructed of .0125 aluminum with stainless steel fasteners the cabinet may be installed for pad, vault, or pole mount applications. Front and rear doors with three point locking mechanisms provide easy access to network cables and connector access.

Built with the Technician in Mind

Importantly, the FDH-1000 is designed to benefit technicians by utilizing our U-Series fiber cassettes. Built to improve connector access, the U-Series Cassette features the industry’s first telescoping Universal Fiber Cassette. This allows each cassette to slide forward out of the frame, providing easy and quick access to fiber connectors. With individual U-Guard fiber shields, connectors can be separated from other cassettes providing improved and easy access for interconnecting and testing.

Designed with the technician in mind, the U-Series cassette will help reduce network errors and labor by simplifying the ability to access the fiber connectors within the FDH-1000

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Features and Benefits

  • Designed to NEMA 4 and Telcordia specifications
  • Constructed with 0.125 aluminum
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • U-Series fiber cassettes for improved connector access
  • Ruggedized splitter options to easily add as you grow
  • Front and rear access doors
  • Bottom exit/entrance for fiber cables
  • 15 year warranty



  • FTTx
  • Low Density Rural Networks
  • Fiber Deep Metro Networks
  • Smart Cities
  • 5G Networks

The FDH-1000 can be used for low density FTTx network applications that do not require high fiber counts in the distribution side such as low density rural networks and metro areas deploying fiber closer to customer premises. The modular design of the FDH-1000 is also well suited as a fiber cross connect point for additional services such as wireless backhaul, 5G networks, and smart city deployments.

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