OM3-Fiber-Jumpers OM4 Fiber Jumpers

OM4 Fiber Jumpers

Standard OM4 fiber optic patch cords are known for spreading 10 Gigabits of data over 3,000 feet. However, you’re still able to customize them and receive the same, reliable result. These simplex and duplex jumpers are available at custom lengths with a riser-rated or plenum jacket. The 50/125um Corning® InfiniCor optical fibers are protected with your choice of a 2.0 or 3.0mm PVC jacket. The fiber optic connector end faces are polished with an Ultra Physical Contact (UPC) technique for any SC, LC, FC or ST connector combination. We also offer expert product recommendations and custom built fiber optic assemblies. Have a question or not sure what you need? Contact Us

“I would recommend and do recommend the FIBERONE products. I currently buy all of my fiber jumpers from FIBERONE. I have found that the quality is as good as, or better than their competitors and the cost is usually much better.”
– FIBERONE Customer


  • 50/125um Corning® InfiniCor Fibers
  • LC, FC, SC, ST – UPC Connectors
  • Simplex or Duplex
  • Multimode Fiber

OM4 Fiber Jumpers

Download the data sheet below to find out more information about OM4 Fiber Jumpers.