Single Mode Fiber Patch Cords

FIBERONE® manufactures simplex and duplex single mode fiber optic patch cords to standard or custom lengths, colors, connector types and jacket thickness. Fiber jumpers are available in standard riser-rated or a fire-retardant plenum jacket. FIBERONE single mode patch cables use Corning® SMF-28e fiber and are available with a 1.6, 2 or 3 mm PVC jacket. The fiber optic connector interfaces come complete with your choice of Angled Physical Contact (APC) or an Ultra Physical Contact (UPC) – SC, LC, FC or ST connectors. Each of these options make FIBERONE simplex and duplex single mode patch cords ideal for a wide range of applications such as, high bandwidth and long-distance telecommunications. Each fiber patch cable is 100% tested to meet or exceed fiber optic industry standards and are guaranteed to provide optimum optical performance. We also offer expert product recommendations and custom built fiber optic assemblies. Have a question or not sure what you need? Contact Us

“I would recommend and do recommend the FIBERONE products. I currently buy all of my fiber jumpers from FIBERONE. I have found that the quality is as good as, or better than their competitors and the cost is usually much better.”
– FIBERONE Customer


  • Multiple Connector Options
  • 100% Tested & Guaranteed
  • 2mm or 3mm Jacket
  • Color Options

Single Mode Fiber Patch Cords

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