Fiber Connectivity System (FCS)

Telecommunications has changed; fiber density has increased substantially in Data Centers, Central Offices, and Network Hubs. Unfortunately, many of these brick and mortar locations were designed decades ago and did not anticipate the demands of today’s high speed fiber networks. Rack space has become premium real estate. Traditional patch & splice panels are not efficient, take up too much space, and make connector access  difficult.  Network professionals need a better solution to solve space limitations and reduce overall real estate and associated labor costs.

What is a Fiber Connectivity System (FCS)?

A Fiber Connectivity System (FCS) is a group of interrelated components used together to improve fiber connectivity for the end-user. The key component is a fiber optic cassette which integrates fusion splicing of the network fibers with fiber pigtails in a single compact design.  Molded tracks within the cassette maintain bend radius which ensures optimum network performance. Advanced designs include the ability of the cassette to telescope forward and include a protective connector shield which safeguards and manages the jumpers connected to each cassette. The system includes a plurality of cassettes housed within a chassis capable of interconnecting the desired fiber count from the network.

Why is FIBERONE®’s patented U-Series FCS the best on the market?

The U-Series Fiber Connectivity System is built upon our patented Universal Fiber Cassette, which integrates fiber patch and splicing in a compact polycarbonate design. The telescoping feature of the cassette improves jumper connector access which enhances operations and reduces labor costs. The U-Series provides significant value by minimizing required rack space up to 71%. This patented design is an industry first within the FCS product category.

Who would benefit by using the U-Series Fiber Connectivity System (FCS)?

Any fiber network will find value in the U-Series. This advanced design includes a removable U-Guard connector shield which simplifies connector access and jumper management. With a  variety of space saving chassis options, valuable rack space can be allocated for other revenue producing service equipment.

Save space and labor with the U-Series Fiber Connectivity System from FIBERONE®.

The Universal Fiber Cassette

Works in conjunction with our U-Series chassis capable of interconnecting from 12-288 fibers all with the following features:

  • Integrated patch & splice fiber cassette
  • Telescoping design simplifies connector access
  • Variety of connector options
  • Removable front U-Guard
  • Sturdy polycarbonate design
  • Patented design

Universal Fiber Cassette

The Universal Fiber Cassette (UFC) provides an integrated patch and splice solution for up to twelve (12) fibers in a clear fiber cassette.


The UCS-175 rack mount chassis integrates up to two Universal Fiber Cassettes (UFC), each capable of interconnecting 12 fibers. The UCS-175 is designed for  fiber applications that require splicing and terminating 12-24 fibers in a 1.75” high chassis.

Universal Splitter Cassette

Typically used in FTTx applications, the Universal Splitter Cassette is available in a variety of configurations up to 1×32 splitting.


The UCS-350 rack mount chassis integrates up to six Universal Fiber Cassettes (UFC)  for splicing and terminating 72 fibers in a 2 U high chassis. This makes the UCS-350 ideal for high density rack mount fiber network applications.

Universal MPO Cassette

The Universal MPO Cassette provides a simple plug and play MPO/MTP solution and  can accommodate 12 or 24 port applications. Available in singlemode or a variety of multimode fiber.


The UCS-600 rack mount chassis integrates up to twelve Universal Fiber Cassettes (UFC)  for splice and terminating 144 fibers in a 3.5 U high chassis, making it  ideal for high density rack mount fiber network applications.