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in-house termination service

Unlike copper, fiber assemblies have stringent tolerances that are hard to achieve. Even the slightest smudge or scratch can result in high insertion loss, hindering a fiber network. Expensive equipment, highly trained assemblers and a controlled work environment are required to terminate fiber optic assemblies, which are not always readily available. Therefore, networkers opt for factory termination services.

FIBERONE®‘s in-house termination service saves you time, labor, and money. We can provide virtually any fiber optic assembly or cable with the connector of your choice. Under a controlled environment, our thorough fabrication, polishing and testing ensures your component or network cable assembly will work optimally for your network application not only the first time but, every time. If it can be done in the field, it can be done in our in-house connector service. Let our termination service minimize your stress and save you time, and we all know that time is money! Contact us to discuss your specific fiber connection needs and see how exactly FIBERONE’s termination service can help you. For more information about the various fiber optic cables and assemblies we offer, check out our Patch Cords and Network Cable Assemblies Page.