UCS-2000 12/24F Wall Mount Chassis

The UCS-2000 wall mount patch panel offered by FIBERONE® is capable of both terminating and splicing up to 12 or 24 fibers, depending on the number of cassettes installed. This panel provides an economical and compact package for low-density fiber applications. The durable aluminum construction, black finish and small profile of this chassis make it compatible with any customer premise or other interior environment. Multiple cable entry ports on the top and bottom of the UCS-2000 wall mount, along with the telescoping feature of the cassettes simplifies network installation and connector access.


  • Compact & Economical
  • Durable Aluminum Construction 
  • Top & Bottom Cable Entry Ports
  • One or Two UCS Fiber Cassettes
  • Easy Connector Access


Download the data sheet below to find out more information about UCS-2000