36-Port-Rack 36 Port Rack Mount Splice & Fiber Patch Panel : FST-350

36 Port Rack Mount Splice & Fiber Patch Panel : FST-350

The FST-350 is FIBERONE®’s rack mount splice and patch panel that’s designed for small installations. This cabinet features 36 single ports and is capable of splicing and terminating up to 36 or 72 fibers. This durable 16-guage steel panel stands 2U (3.5”) high and accommodates either a 19″ or 23″ rack mount. The unit features a removable top and rear cover along with a slide-out tray that enables easy access to the six, standard 6-pack adapter panels or modules. This, in combination with both top and back cable entry ports, makes installation, operation and maintenance simple. The adapters modules can be made custom to accommodate SC, FC, LC or ST connectors or can be left blank. The FST-350 patch panel can accommodate up to three splice trays available with either pre-terminated “stub” cables or fiber pigtails. This cabinet comes fully equipped with cable tie wraps, cable management clips, fiber identification and warning labels, a splice tray mounting kit, rack mounting screws, and installation instructions (print & video).


  • 2U High
  • Splice & Terminate up to 36 Fibers
  • 19” or 23” Reversible Rack Mount
  • Easy Front & Rear Panel Access


Download the data sheet below to find out more information about FST-350 .